On a safari trip to S.A. .....any suggestions of settings of OM-D EM-5 with 100-300mm.

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Re: On a safari trip to S.A. .....any suggestions of settings of OM-D EM-5 with 100-300mm.

Thank you Paul , Tyhsu ,wildlifr and Dave ,

They are very nice pictures Dave with the original size....... perhaps if I am lucky !

I must admit i've been already 7 times in Kruger Nat. Park and  it's becoming a drug to me.

Dave ....what you've said about quitting taking foto's , I have already learned ..but this time I have to learn also not driving too long distances on a day....and just park and wait.

Dave ,nzpaul and Wildlifr ....I will keep a close watch to the iso and will put the settings to the max. that you've advised me .

Tyhsu... until now I didn't have a private guide ..and I don.t know if that is possible to arrange at the camps. At one of the camps we had a morning walk with 2 guides .... but until know that was  not ver successful.

This time  I will travel alone...and that means the beginners luck will not be there. ...:-(

The cameras I have and use are the E-M5 with Pana 100-300,   the GH1 with the 14-140 (also for video) and  the E-PL3 .

I don't know yet if I should put the Oly 40-200 on it or the Oly 9-18 or the 20mm Pana on the E-PL3 .

SAF I've used also before and the smallest zone i've been trying to use but then when there is high grass that will cause a problem focussing and thats why I wanted to look if I could set for focus peaking...but I do not know if that is possible with AF selected. .

Dave .....the magnification I did not use it until now...... and I will try to use it this time.

It would be nice if there where Photography courses especially for the OM-D ..... it's a complicated piece of equipment......

Wildlifr .. thanks for the short answer  ...

Anyway..... thank you all so much for the advices .

I know I will have a fantastic time on that beautiful part of mother earth......

And I must admit  I am blessed to see all its beauty.

And I wish more people could actually feel that these places should be protected .....much more than gold.

I hope that on this "last day" of greed .... we can change the people ...caring much more for this planet than just for our-selfs .

Next to it.... fear won't go away with a large gun next to you....it will only give  that false feeling of safety.

Have a fantastic Last Dooms Day 

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