Nikon D90 & D300?

Started Dec 21, 2012 | Discussions thread
Sorensen Regular Member • Posts: 307
D300 metering with old lenses

I agree with the others: D90 gives you the light and quite competent solution (I have the D90 my self, and I am largely satisfied), whereas the D300 will you give you some further possibilities - and more weight.

D300 gives you metering with old manual lenses, like the E series.

I am pretty sure the focus motor ind D300 is more powerful than the one in D90 (though that is not bad). So focusing will be marginally quicker.

You have buttons for almost anything on the D300, including drive mode and focus area mode.

D300 has 51 focus points, where D90 has 11 points.

So it is really up to what kind of photography you prefer. Do you travel much, do hiking, and like to go light: Then possibly the D90.

If you like the advantage of all the direct buttons, and like to get into all the possible adjustments on a camera, then the D300.

Have you considered the D7000, which is considerably cheaper now? It can meter with manual lenses like the D300, it has 39 focus points and weighs 780 grams, only 77 grams more than D90.

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