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There are, of course, lots of examples of DSLRs being used in "REAL" videos-- the episode of House that was shot using only DSLRs being one of many.  The problem tends to be that consumers don't understand what the video mode is designed for, which is a cinematic approach to videography.  Years ago there was really no such thing as an "amateur" or "consumer" SLR, just as there's no such thing as an "amateur" medium format camera today.  Likewise, the video capabilities on DSLRs aren't point and shoot.

About a year ago I was in India helping to make a movie called THE SONG OF THE UNTOUCHABLES, a full length feature currently in festival rounds.  The production team brought a RED and a DSLR for those shots they knew the RED was too big or conspicuous to catch.  Blown up on the big screen, I can tell which scenes were captured with the DSLR because I recognize the shots, but 90% of audiences won't be able to.  The RED can capture some amazing footage, but also merely good footage when the conditions aren't perfect; the DSLR can capture good footage in good conditions-- which is why they were able to combine the footage effectively.

Herein, though, lies the problem.  Truly serious film makers will go for a RED or similar camera; it's not unlike professional photographers who gravitate toward medium format cameras today or DSLRs 20 years ago.  So the Nikon D800 and other DSLRs will only have a niche amongst serious film makers who can't afford a RED, and ones that need to take their cameras places a RED won't go.  So we're never going to see an abundance of "real" DSLR movies because of the alternatives.  But remember this-- if you're watching HDTV via your satellite dish or over the air, you're watching 720p footage.  Resolution-wise, the D7000, D600 and the D800s kick ass.  But if you want it to look HDTV quality, you have to apply all the other tools of lighting, external sound, and professional editing.

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