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Re: Another word: Ignorance

Maybe not all. But there certainly seems to be a fair few out there IMO.

Franka T.L. wrote:

Prejudice is an attitude I've seen over the years regarding many photographer's way of dealing with something new, especially when that something new is being more or less a replacement or a threat to their own old way...

dsiu0001 wrote:

Today I happily told my friends that I bought Sony A37 with 18-135 lens, and then what I got in response is a "Seriously?dude" followed by some LOL...and they told me to better return it and rather get an entry level canon or Nikon..lol I tried to explain to them that it has a lot functions that most other brand's entry level camera don't have, but they said it's all bullshits and don't worth to give up the quality that other cameras brings. And I was like..Okay...um..well

Your friends ignorance is laughable. I can't believe how dumb people can be, I mean really, what DSLR/DSLT in the last 3 years has been released that is capable of taking anything but great photos. THERE ISN'T ONE; Even my old piece of $hit Rebel, which has the worst metering system of any camera on the market, can take great photos (I know, I've taken several). My D40 took excellent photos. My NEX7 takes stellar photos. Every Sony DSLT I've used (and that would be all of them except the A99) takes amazing photos. Exposure is excellent, detail and DR is fantastic.

The other thing that makes me laugh is that they still bring up cameras, sorry but it's the glass and the photographer that matter more. Your amateur friends' advice should be dismissed without further thought. The 18-135 is a very nice lens. Canon had to redo their 18-135 because the first one was junk - the poorly built 18-55 IS was even better.

So don't sweat it, Your pictures will come out looking better than your friends and than you'll have the satisfaction that you made the right choice. Personally I like what Sony does to give you features that at least help you take better photos (HDR, Sweep Panorama, Face Detection, High FPS, Fastest AF (Not on my NEX7 - but I don't need it for what I do), Great Video with Fast and USEABLE AF, and EVF that works in Photo or Video Mode - that shows 100% coverage, shows exposure, WB, effects of Exposure compensation, picture controls/effects, etc. The A37 is very good entry level camera, IMO the best "entry level" DSLR/DSLT on the market.

I have read a lot of reviews about the recent Sony DSLT before purchasing it and I really think it has a lot of awesome features that I want as my upgrade from a canon G11.

Was Sony's camera that bad before so it has such reputation? lol I just don't know why people trying to avoid it so hard

There were many such cases, some more so ... the more recent one is that of the FF vs APS-C ( or APS-C vs 4/3 and most recently the CX vs all others sensor size debate ), or well the OVF vs the EVF or no VF at all ( mirrrorless with only the LCD ).

I am one who use DSLR ( FF Nikons ) and I will be the first one to say the EVF is not yet match for the OVF, but then I would also bethere to say the EVF is just as viable a form of composition / viewing / focusing as that of the OVF and had its own merit. In fact Sony's EVF is pretty much top grade and while that inside the SLT might not give it the best platform, that inside the like of NEX-7 and NEX-6 really made the point. there is no way one can build nor fit an OVF there that can do the same.

Fuji did with one of their mirrorless (albeit, it's bigger than the NEX7 by a bit). But I much prefer the EVF over OVF. My NEX7 has spoiled me with all the info it shows. I'm done with OVF's, I don't need or want them, EVFs work better for what I do. Now I could just get a touch screen on my NEX7....

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