Questions about Sony HVL-20 flash

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Re: @ Setter Dog: Now that you have both...

My HVL-20 arrived today and I immediately put a couple of AAA Eneloops in and put it to work. My initial impressions, compared to the Metz 36 are:

In my rather large living room with 8' ceiling, the results from both flashes, direct and bounce, are identical. Both are excellent.

The HVL-20 is simpler, you select either bounce or direct. It is much smaller and "better looking" when stowed. It can be left on the camera all the time and not seem cumbersome. The Metz 36 has several bounce angles available but I see no advantage from one to the other in actual results.

In actual shooting under my situation, the Metz recovers immediately and is ready for the next shot. The little Sony is ready to shoot quickly, but not immediately. This was just an observation and would likely not be a consideration in practical shooting.

The Sony is powered by two AAAs and the Metz is powered by 4 AAs. Obviously, this will make for a quicker recovery time and a longer time between battery changes.

If I didn't have both flashes and knew what I know now, I would buy the Sony, simply because it's all I need. However, if I only had the Metz 36, I would be very happy with it. Both flashes are simple and effective for normal use, certainly better than the onboard flash of the a65/a57. I get 100% successful pictures with both flashes.

I'll probably use them both during the holidays. When I travel, I'll take the Sony.


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