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Re: Let me make a flat statement - based on a ton of experience.

Steve Bingham wrote:

Going from the D7000 to the D600 will do nothing for you in developing your skills in photography. It is NOT the camera. It is NOT FX vs DX. It is learning the skills and art associated with photography. I would strongly suggest a night class in photography and then in Photoshop.

I would also suggest you study the masters and fill your library with photography books - and READ them. Photography is both a science and an art form. It involves both the left side of the brain and the right side. That is, if you wish to get better.

Learn to shoot with what you have. The best advice I can give is to master one camera, one lens, and work it, work it, work it. Take a simple subject and shoot it a dozen ways, from a dozen different angles, create shooting problems - and then solve them. As you progress you will find that "art is discovery" and you will learn to spread your wings. To fly. To find your style.

Or play camera collector and brag about having the best. Whatever the hell that is.
Steve Bingham

Dear Steve:

We read your very impassioned comment on DPreview tonight and want you to know that although we're sure your heart is in the right place and you're only trying to help those confused about which camera to buy gain some semblance of perspective, you're not helping us sell cameras. And if we don't sell cameras, you know what that means: no more pictures, except for those awful grainy and poorly focused ones of cats, sketchy partygoers, and washed-out (you'll excuse the pun) beach scenes at high noon taken with - ugh - smartphones. Surely you don't want that to happen. After all, even after you learned the truth about photography, it was all of those new buyers and gearheads that kept us in the black and you first smelling of acetic acid and hand cleanser and later redeyed in front of the monitor postprocessing those sharp, well-composed, and involving images from the cameras you would too infrequently buy from us. Believe us, when one of your orders came in - every 5 years or so - sake bottle corks would pop all through the sales department.

So Steve, please don't let the neophytes in on the secret too often. Especially around Christmas. Our families have to eat, too.



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