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Flash portrait and Macbeth-chart images

Now onward to the flash pictures with Macbeth chart and pretty woman.

This is very odd! The Fuji XF1 is tied with the Sony RX100 for flash results. The XF1 flash is probably weaker so it chose a higher ISO, however this makes the background look better.

Canon G15 and S110 produce skin tones that are too yellow, with burned-out specular highlights, making the pretty woman's face look greasy. G15 is a little better for hair detail. The S110 image looks like it's from a cellphone.

Fuji X10 skin tones are too red. Not sure why, because I have not seen this in the years of people posting on this forum. Any ideas?

Nikon P7700 is just blah. Skin tones are pasty and the woman is poorly illuminated. Disappointing for a company renowned for flash technology and good portraiture colors.

Olympus XZ-2 is too dark, as was the wide-angle view of Seattle. For both pictures I edited the tone curve to make it brighter, which helps, although the woman still seems poorly lit despite the brightness of her Macbeth chart.

LX7 skin tones are bad, as usual for Panasonic. Too pink, lobster like, and details are smoothed away in a fake manner. Yuck, this is worse than a cellphone.

Samsung EX2f results are competitive. Not as yellow as Canon, but the same problem with specular highlights. Hard to rate, but I would put this behind XF1 and RX100 but ahead of everything else except maybe ZX-2 after brightening.

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