Help deciding which lens combo to keep for D600

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Re: Help deciding which lens combo to keep for D600

I say keep the kit lens and 50 1.8g The reason I say this is that at some point you may be in a tight space like a living room and need to take a group shot and a 50mm may be too tight. You will need the zoom trust me. The 50 is a great lens because it gives you 1.8 for your low light needs yet will also give you some room because the 85 will be too tight in most places. The 24-85 will still give you a good zoom should you need it outside. I have a d600 and the old 85 1.8D and 50 1.8G. The 85 gets the least use. I also just got the tamron 28-75 2.8 lens. It has no VR but is a great lens for the d600 and gives you 2.8 for $499-$25 rebate.

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