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Re: Vote OM-D citizens. It is your duty.

I got to vote twice! Yay! There were two polls up, one on the main window and one off on the side. So I voted for EM-5 and GH-3.

I don't own either, but both seem like excellent cameras. The first m4/3 cameras that have fewer "It's great, but...." comments about them, excepting the EVF issue on the GH3.

Usually, the praise has been heaped upon the lenses but the Sony sensors and general refinement have combined for some great cameras. A benefit, I think, of m4/3 being the top-of-the-line for Olympus and Panasonic. There aren't other sensor sizes they want you to upgrade to so they have no reason to cripple the entire system. The result is new bodies being sold from $300 to $1300 and lenses from average consumer grade at $100 to outstanding at $1000.

It's a huge reason to by m4/3, at least it was for me. I can buy into the system as a P&S upgrader and know that if I continue to enjoy photography and want to learn more, I don't have to ditch everything and start over with a new system.

Oh, I want to add that I don't mind if people have a campaign for the EM-5 or D800. It'd be hard to claim that people didn't vote for a worthy candidate. If it weren't for the size of FF, I'd have gotten the D800.

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