Anyone returning their RX-1?

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Re: Anyone returning their RX-1?

Len_Gee wrote:


Looks like you made a very good choice with the RX1.

Which camera will you be using for your professional paid assignments? RX1 or other?

Which camera(s) will you be using for casual family or vacation snaps?

What size enlargements do you usually print?

RX1 alone, or carry with any combination from your FZ200, D600, RX100, NEX7, or other cameras(?) that you also have in your arsenal?

How will you be carrying the RX1? camera case, puch, or camera bag with other camera(s)?

Regards, and look forward to your evaluation and pics from the RX1.

I only take pictures for my enjoyment.  Many years ago I did some work that was published in Martial Arts periodicals and in a book.  My training was both a bit in college and an old mail-order class from The New York Institute of Photography.  That is why I'm really somewhat crippled when I don't have DOF marks on the lenses.

In February, I'm going to be taking pictures at an awards dinner for a family member.  I'm taking the RX1 and the NEX-7 with the 55-210 lens.  If I'm just going out for the day, it is the RX100.  If I am going to be shooting a lot indoors, it will be the RX1  The FZ200 is mostly for birding and other wildlife shots... wild animal parks or zoos.  In good light where I don't need shallow DOF... the NEX 7 gives me all the capabilities I need.  For portraiture and flowers... I think the RX1 will be my favorite... though the NEX7 with the 50mm 1.8 lens is a close second.

I view my pictures on a MacBook Pro retina.  It reminds me of looking at slide shows and getting the richness that transparencies give.  I review some of my work daily and find it much easier to use the computer instead of prints.  When I did do printing, it was with an older Canon 8 cartridge printer.  I no longer remember which model it was.

I'll carry the RX1 in a small pouch.

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