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Re: check out this telephoto lens

nzmacro wrote:

tomslaptop wrote:

I got to sign off for the night but thought I'd add a picture of the lens case to show you the size of it also. Pictured next to my workboots.

This reminds me of the old setups, Leitz (Leica), Canon and Novoflex used to have many years ago (hey I'm old mate). The long teles were in two pieces, the rear was a focusing unit, then you could order the front focal lengths separately, for example..... a 300mm, 500mm, 600mm, 800mm. Those frontal units then simply mounted onto the rear focusing unit. That's all the rear unit was, just a mount and focusing unit. I'm wondering if this is the same sort of setup and then you might find just the frontal focal lengths. Interesting.

All the best Tom, nice to see.


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Thanks for the reply Danny and that sounds logical. I'm not an expert on Mamiya telephoto lenses so can't really deny or confirm that but my opinion right now is that it is not the case with this lens. If I find out different I will post it but this is the only two piece lens they made that I'm aware of. Is your 800mm a Canon L lens cause I saw those listed for like 13 grand or something...I'll check out your sites more over the weekend and hope to get a few shoots in here as well.

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