Barn-Door Mount Article - Some Revisions

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Re: Barn-Door Mount Article - Some Revisions

Finally got around to building one (of the hinge variety: Can't leave well enough alone so am using a pulse width modulation control circuit (in theory more efficient as it's less dissipative, in practice I doubt it matters -- but the controller cost all of $10), smaller gearmotor than the one in the link, and 3:1 gear ratio. All told it cost about $45 -- not including the ballhead, which I had lying around.

I found threaded rod for $3.49 at the local OSH. If you cannot find locally and you need a cheap source of gears, threaded rod, and basically anything mechanical you can think of, try McMaster-Carr at is good too.

We'll see how it works. But already I can see one change if I were to do this again: for the gear on the threaded rod I would choose one with a small enough hole that you could simply tap through. The two issues I had the hardest time with were a uniform bend in the rod at the correct radius and centering that stupid nut on the gear. The latter I think will provide the largest error in the thing and threading the gear itself would greatly reduce that (that was the intent going to a smaller 3:1 ratio, but I misread the specs...)

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