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painterdude wrote:

I love my D800E. Absolutely love it !! Got it with a $320 lens thrown in for free!! Excellent !! I am planning to spend a fair amount more on some lenses ..and am doing it sooner than later.

Why ??
Cuzz ..interest rates when they spike and they will sooner or later ..are going to rocket up. The true value of the hugely devalued dollar will soon be revealed. Everything will grow to be massively expensive ..2-10X or much much more will be the order of the day. It will make the 20%+ interest rates of Carters/ first part or Regan's era look like peanuts.

Moral of the story ?? Make the most of prices now ..its a crap shoot as to how long they will remain. The fiscal mess/cliff issues however they turn out, could easily trigger the rise.

Hope I am dead wrong ..but the 350% debt to GDP ratio of the US right now and all that printed money ...seems to say there is a good chance I am, unfortunately, right. Let's just pray the thing holds together for as long as it can as we ride it on down ..cuzz nothing can be done except what is being done given the political realities of Warshhington. Print away Worshington and please please keep convincing the uneasy- we are gunnah pull the plug- creditors ..its gunnah be fine.

Happy new year ??

Mmmm... it is exactly this type of behavior that start crazy inflation.

actually interest rates shot up to control inflation under Volcker as opposed to crazy interest rates creating inflation as you imply:) At this point in time, US have crazy low interest rates yet very decent inflation expectations, so all is good on that front. What would be bad is higher inflation expectations with high unemployment, in which case we are back to the Volcker times, and Bernanke would prioritize inflation fight and increase rates sufficiently to control it (unless brain dead congress decides to get involved and manages to control the fed, which is the worst possible thing to happen)

a debt crisis: totally possible but hey, US just voted for no fiscal path and increased spending... See beautiful Europe. So American people must have known what they wanted to take a risk on when they voted like that in the last elections...

don'tworry, when it all happens you will be able to charge much more for your pics

anyway, what has this got to do with Nikon lenses? Although you have to admit there has been a real deflation in troll and spam posts since the mods got involved. Finally some efficient regulations, pretty rare these days.

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