5d Mark I Max CF Card Size and capability with a Mark III

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Re: 5d Mark I Max CF Card Size and capability with a Mark III

Hey guys!

Thanks for all the responses!

First, I want to clarify a point that confused some (or maybe me).  For the Mark 3, I do not plan on using the CF and SD slot simultaneously.  My question was specific to swapping a CF between a Mark 1 and a Mark 3.

Second, the v1.1.1 is exactly the type of info I was looking for.  Turning something into a brick is exactly for the type of info that I was looking for (especially while on safari).  I understand the extra speed might be wasted on the Mark 1, but wouldn't be wasted on the Mark 3.

Third, the planned subjects are wildlife (that I anticipate will be slow moving).  Giraffes and lions.  Fast moving lions would be very cool.  But I think I might be worrying less about card speed and more about #2 speed.  By #2 I'm talking urology speeds and not memory.  But it would be memorable and I might possibly be short-lived.

Fourth, sorry for the slow response...but the email notifies on replies don't seem to be working for me.

Thanks Again!


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