HS Girls Basketball

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Re: HS Girls Basketball

The 7D with either the 85mm or 70-200mm is pretty fast, but it is not instantaneous. I haven’t noticed a difference in performance between the two lenses. But then I wasn’t looking to see a difference. I don’t recall noticing a difference when I was shooting with a 20D either. There are still times when I miss shots because the camera has not yet locked focus. And I still throw stuff away because the focus wasn’t good enough. I recall noticing the improved focus speed and accuracy when I made the jump from the 20D to the 7D. I doubt it would be as great going from a 60D to a 7D. I have not used a 30D, 40D, 50D or 60D body so take what I am saying with a grain of salt.

I do notice a big difference in focus speed and accuracy between gyms with fair lighting and gyms with poor lighting. With more light, focus is clearly faster and more accurate. I was shooting next to a guy with a 1D IV in a poorly lit gym and asked him how his camera was performing. Without hesitation he said it sucked. So even the best equipment suffers in bad light situations.

I use a single focal point and will use the center one often. It is suppose to be more sensitive. When I am concentrating on framing then I will choose one of the other focal points. If the light is really poor then I will use the center focal point even if I would prefer to concentrate on framing.

I also use AI Servo focus. With AI Servo focus the camera needs some time to predict where to place the focus. You have to select a target subject and stay on them holding the focus button down. You can usually see through the view finder when the camera is focused or not focused.

I recently discovered that I can no longer rely on my left eye to detect focus lock. I had noticed I was getting more out of focus shots in post processing and was thinking there may be a mechanical problem with the camera or lens. What was really happening was I was releasing the shutter before the camera was ready.

I have no clue how well the 5D performs.

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