dcresource.com is CLOSING, JEFF coming to DPR to write review

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Re: Putting the "R" back in dPreview?

jboyer wrote:

Simon Joinson wrote:


Thanks for the well done clarification. Good business means that you stay honest, in the deepest sense. I will add that I am very impressed how Amazon is handling comments, good and bad, on their products. I wish all sites would behave as well. It says a lot about Amazon's honesty, imo. And how they handle their relationship with DPRevew

Individual customer satisfaction is, in the end, the only driver for repeat business.

I know that I represent many forum participants when I say thank you for all your efforts in the past year. I am looking forwards for great stuff in DPReview in 2013.

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Don't fool yourself up, dude! Amazon had no choice. The biggest hurdle online company are facing is to convince people to buy stuff without seeing it and touching it. The way they found to deal with that was "users reviews". It's very smart and very benign.

End users do not have a clue. They have a single product in hand and they think it's god's gift. Review sites have access to dozens of comparable products. They could tell  you what is best. They just don't.

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