Is AF of K5 significantly superior over K20D?

Started Dec 19, 2012 | Questions thread
Artificialillumination Regular Member • Posts: 149
AF is my least favorite aspect of the K-5

I recently switched from the K20 to the K-5.  For me, the worst part of the K-5 is its AF, even after updating the firmware to the most current version.

I find that I have many more out of focus shots with the K-5 than I ever had with the K20.  My confidence in the K-5's AF is extremely low.  Under controlled settings, I can sometimes take test picture after test picture and not be able to get the AF to correctly lock onto the target.  The results are inconsistent depending on the amount and type of light.  In good light, sometimes the AF will be spot on; other times, it will be focused incorrectly.  (So it isn't as simple as having focus adjustment to correct for a consistent error.)

Otherwise, there are many improvements over the K20, especially in the areas of high ISO image quality and performance.  I hope I'll find that the newest versions of the K-5 have improved the AF accuracy.

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