Official: No More 4/3 Bodies (lenses)

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John Iversen
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Re:Hello Pentax

. . . which is exactly why, just a few weeks ago, I pulled the trigger and finally added the 7-14 to my kit.  Have had a hunch this was coming for several months now.

The 7-14, 12-60, 50-200 trinity (with the EC14 in tow) covers about 99% of my present shooting and several directions I intend to go in the next year or two.  With the best glass I've ever owned, or am likely to.

Making the two not unreasonable suppositions that Oly would not have decided to let this particular cat out of the bag at this time without being seriously confident that

1.) Their new sensor will be competitive in all respects to the existing field of various and sundry non-4/3rds sensors


2.) Compatibility with their existing 4/3rds glass will not be a red haired stepchild or a make-do, but a fully functional operational interface

Then what we seem to have here is . . . 4/3rds.  Lessee, yup, uhuh, the m4/3rds lenses they are specific to a 4/3rds sensor . . . . aaand, yesirree, them 'ol "legacy" 4/3rds lenses of mine are specific to a 4/3rds sensor also.  Dang.

Guess I'm stuck with that shameful 4/3rds system again.

Gotta run now, stock up on paper grocery bags to wear over my head (the shame! the shame!) when I'm out shooting.


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