HS Girls Basketball

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Re: HS Girls Basketball

I'm not GPapa, but I have used both the 5DIII and the 7D with the same lens in night time outdoor sports shooting. I found there was a learning curve where, by trial and error, I found that I like the 7D with focus point expansion but the 5DIII with just single point (no expansion). I find both focus really fast with good fast glass. No hunting. The shot below was the first in a sequence where I saw the ball was going to the Tight End, got the camera up as fast as i could and pulled the trigger. I have the 5DIII set to focus priority for first shot but I was still able to get two or three RAW shots in burst mode before the receiver hitthe ground.

That being said, it's easier in the outdoor sorts where the bodies aren't as close together and I'm usually a good distance away.

The second shot was the same kind of reflex point and shoot...this was an interception. It's not as sharp as I would like, but usable.

I have to say that I find no noticeable difference in focussing speed between the two cameras. When I use slower glass (70-300 which s 5.6 at far end) the 5DIII has a tendency to grab and hold onto the background...I haven't seen that with the same lens with the 7D.

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