DP2M - DISASTER!! (to all possessors)

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Re: Oh no! It's a sign of the APOCALYPSE!!! [nt]

Oh, should we send our titles to you for approval before posting? If you had cared to read the responses, you would see a lot of helpful people trying to sort out what happens. Very civil - until you came along.

You know what? Over the years, every time someone discover something strange or unexpected from a Sigma camera, we actually try to figure out the cause - to see if it is the unit or a general issue. Most people are even able to see through "dramatic" headings.

I am also wondering about getting a DPxm for product shots, in addition to D800E.

It would sure be a disaster if this was a common behavior of a DP.

Framer wrote:

Don't be such a drama queen.

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Kind regards

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