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GPapa wrote:

For me, high ISO is not a problem. Low end noise does not distract me from a well exposed subject. I prefer stopping the action to getting clean shadows. That is my personal preference and certainly not shared by everyone.

The trick for using high ISO is to not under expose. Canon cameras do pretty well with noise at the high end of the histogram. Not so well with noisy shadows. Especially if you try to pull the exposure back up in post processing. That absolutely does not work well. Sports illustrated recommends shooting with exposure “to the right” on the histogram. Probably for that reason.

Next game, I'm going to try shooting at 6400 and crank the SS to get the exposure I want.  Can't wait to see how it looks.  I will post results.  We were supposed to play tonight, but this nasty storm rolling through the midwest cancelled that...  Will have to wait...

My recommendation, repeated often in these forums, is to shoot a game using high and low ISOs and then look at what you can pull out of the results in post processing.

For focus technique, I think I do better with a single point and, using a 7d, setting the focus change sensitivity higher rather than lower. I tried the single point with expansion feature on basketball but the camera tends to jump to the nearest subject too often when I really want the guy in the back. I use what I see with my eye through the view finder to tell me where the camera/lens is focusing and I pull the trigger when I see what I want.

How quickly does the 7D achieve achieve focus for you?  Are you having to do much waiting before you pull the trigger?  With 60D I find myself missing some shots that I want because it hasn't achieved focus yet when I push the button.  I am using back button to focus.  I don't want it to sound like I'm having to wait a long time to achieve focus, but in sports a tenth of second is the difference between "whatever" and "WOW".  I have the EF 85 f/1.8 and the 70-200 f/2.8 non-IS for indoors.  I usually stick with the 70-200 because it seems to focus slightly faster with my 60D.  I typically use the center focus point.

GPapa do you have any idea how much faster/more accurate is the 5D AF compared to the 7D?



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