Sony A580 Best Low Noise Crop DSLR in Sony Line up?

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Re: Lots of myths and lack of valid arguments

Nordstjernen wrote:

For us real life photographers, the pragmatic ones, a half stop difference is hardly noticeable when you compare fully processed and printed files, no matter the size. Nothing to jump ship for!

Other qualities and features than high ISO noise should be of much more importance when choosing a camera. Lack of mirror vibration will ensure more fine detail from the A99 than the 24 Mp FF Nikon camera when using moderate to long shutter speed. This is more important than a hardly visible difference in high ISO noise, I think.

IQ is much more thannoise.

I actually agree that other factors play a large part, especially if you are a daylight or studio shooter. In those cases, noise is almost a non factor. I think the mirror slap issue is overplayed however, I have tested many times the differences of MLU vs mirror slap. When using IS, which I always do since I shoot pentax, any slight vibration seems to be corrected, even at pixel level they are identical. If I do shoot MLU, IS is auto shut off and I will be on a tripod. If somebody is shooting a canikon without a stablized lens, it may make a difference, but then again most people in that case shooting at 1/25 will be using a tripod with MLU.

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