noob advice for narrow depth of field

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Re: noob advice for narrow depth of field

I'll echo earlier comments - beyond composition and placement, I'd look at getting a cheap legacy lens.

I have the Zuiko Digital 50mm f/2, which is what most people are pointing you at, with the caveat you're not likely to find it second hand for less than a £200, and annoyingly (for you) most people that have one, will not be selling it any time soon.

But I also have an Olympus OM 50mm f/1.8 - and it cost me just under £30 about a year ago. I see that on ebay they are still going for around this price, so if you did buy one you'd be confident of getting most of your money back. It's obviously quite a bit softer than the ED Digital version, but, hey. It's less than one tenth of the price. Also if you're aiming to do portraits, something softer than the shockingly sharp 50mm ED would probably be appreciated by even the most pulchritudinous of subjects.

(There was a recent thread in here I think about the relative merits of different versions of the OM 50mm - evidently there were 5 or so, and some were labelled Made in Japan, others were not, but I gather the distinctions between them were fairly subtle.)

I also picked up an Olympus OM 135mm f/2.8 for about £70, and very recently a Hoya 200mm f/3.5 for £30. Check 'completed listings' on ebay or similar in your part of the world to get a feel for prices.

I haven't used the Hoya much - I actually wanted to use it with an OM 2x teleconverter to give me 400mm, but it needs more light than London can provide in winter. However, the OM 135mm is a fine lens, and I've taken a few nice portraits with it.

Remember, any legacy lens will require an adapter, but these are typically £10 or so for a basic version.

There is some good oil on legacy OM lenses here:

And I see that for poops and giggles the chaps at slrgear did a basic review of the old OM 50 f/1.8 here:

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