An essay on the RX1 & fotografie in general

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Re: An essay on the RX1 & fotografie in general

sean lancaster wrote:

Yes, I've went through this same phase when I bought the Zeiss 24/1.8 lens for my NEX-5N. I had it attached to my 5N almost continuously and I actually started to see every scene I encountered through the Zeiss 24 lens. Every yard I walked by or building or whatever was potentially a photograph if my eyes and mind could quickly piece it together before moved on. Shortly after getting the Zeiss I stopped seeing photos that I wasn't going to be able to get (e.g., because I'd need a zoom or long lens) and I only started seeing the potential photos I might capture. I started seeing light and seeing how it could impact my potential images to determine whether to shoot or not. And composition became more clear. This feeling hasn't left me and has continued to the RX1. Fortunately, the RX1 is nearly the same focal length so I don't need to adjust other than seeing more potential images in lower light. I really enjoy trying to capture the perfect image. I haven't missed a day of photography since 2010, but I didn't really get the fever until August of this year. It took me a while . . . not because I wasn't trying but I needed to study my mistakes and I read a bunch of books and I finally had things start to click. The RX1 helps me take the next step that I waned to take as I continue to grow. Every day of photography is fun. Every day.

There is something 'liberating' about not having to worry about the focal length. it almost free's you. Free's you of having to spend time thinking about stuff - and as you said not thinking about that stuff - allows you to think about other stuff such as shadows and light. And I think that is what the creative photographer does. See's the subtle stuff the rest of us miss. While we are busy thinking about focal lengths and which one to use, the other guy is contemplating textures, geometry, placement, how dark and light interact. How does a photograph spark an emotion.

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