M9 still beats Fuji XE-1!

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Re: M9 still beats Fuji XE-1!

epo001 wrote:

Even for a Leica fanboy thread this is just silly. Fine that you enjoy using your camera, but all you are saying is that you enjoy using your camera, your comments about any other piece of equipment are simply vacuous. Perhaps if you bothered to learn how to use the XE-1 to best advantage you might be able to provide a worthwhile comparison.

Oh, and as you asked, IMHO that picture along with 90% of those posted in this forum, is a pedestrian snapshot, nothing special. It is the man that takes the photo, most DPR Leica owners lack the ability to get good results from a P&S let alone a Leica lens.

I might normally agree with you about photos posted in this forum, but I think Peter's use of color and geometry in his photo is pretty nice.  It's one of better photos in these forums, IMO.   I'd be curious to see some photos from you that are better.

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