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Re: 2013 ricoh model lineup preview

audiobomber wrote:

Crassus, a Pentax Forums member, translated this from one of the sites linked below:

Ricoh branded new products.

"There will be a new Rocoh branded prodcut making a debut. It may be a product different than the GR Digital and GXR. It looks like a camera that will fulfill the desires of the core fans."

And the core fans is the is the GRD users in general? Maybe a GRD with aps-c or FF sensor then? There is that GXR A12 28mm module but it probably didn't sell as much as Ricoh had hoped it it would.

Or is it some sort of a more advanced GRD-like Ricoh CX, with longer zoom and 1/1.7" sensor and finally also Raw?

I would assume that 1" sensor at least so far are way out of question for this sort of small super-zoom cameras. Especially since the GRD still uses 1/1.7" If my memory serves me right, a patent had been filed for a zoom ~24-100mm with an 1/1.7" sensor. That might be a GX300 or GXR S20-module or even both, if Ricoh plays it smart which I've suggested at least twice in other threads.

Especially the first Caplio GX with 5mp and 28-85mm, was popular as well as the GX8 with same zoom. The GX100 gained popularity for probably being the first small compact which reached 24mm at the wide end of the zoom and also had good image quality, at least in raw while the jpegs looked rather artificial with oversharpening even with the sharpness set to -2.

The LX3 was announced shortly after the GX200 and brought tough competition to the game of advanced compacts with 1/1.7" or equivalent sensor size. Nonetheless the GX200 is probably a fine camera as well despite lcd-freezings while the camera AF and also the PD AF had been removed. At least raw was finally buffered.

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