Official: No More 4/3 Bodies (lenses)

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The potential is there for something awesome

After using the EM5 for about 3 months, in all sorts of conditions (including low-light events), I'm really falling in love with it.

For most shooting it does the job just fine, and in most aspects it's actually just as good - if not easier than using a DSLR. I can really see the potential with the on-going evolution of this system.

I'm an avid birder/wildlife shooter and for this application, using the 300/2.8 or the 50-200 with EC14 it is more or less useless because of the useless AF for long 4/3 lenses - unless the situation can have manual pre-focus (which I've experimented with and have been able to get some good shots; the 9fps is awesome!)

If this new cam can AF/CAF the 4/3 lenses properly, I think for this application it would be fantastic. It would have a quicker/higher rez newer generation EVF which would be fine. - I quickly got used to the current EVF without too much problem (much to my surprise).

I agree with the previous poster about the modular approach for adding bulk as needed - which Oly seem already committed to.

Once again this gives Oly the chance to flex its innovative muscle to bring onto the market something new and interesting.

My guess about other features:

  • There will be an add-on adapter for the 4/3 lenses (different distance to sensor needed for m43 and 4/3)
  • Fully articulating LCD (I really miss this when using the EM5 for certain things) 
  • 18-20mp SONY sensor
  • Built-in pop-up flash (and proper 1/250 flash sync speed for FL50R - not 1/160 - grrrrrr :-|)

Things I'd like:

  • tripod socket that is dead-centre with lens - not off-set like that of OMD.

....erm...that's about it 

Who knows, maybe this camera may be a good way of introducing the magic of SHG/HG lenses to m4/3 shooters, thus creating further demand for them.

Bring it on!!

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