A very negative review of Sony 16-50mm

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Re: A very negative review of Sony 16-50mm

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d) Wide angle performance - IMHO, without software correction, 16-50 is simply unusable at widest FL. It seems that at widest FL, the true FOV is larger than on a comparable SEL 16 f2.8. The question is - what FL length is used after the correction. To get rid (mostly) of the distortion and vignetting without software correction, you have to zoom to approx. 20mm. But Sony states it is a 16mm lens at the wide end.

Yeah, but it was clearly designed/intended to be used with correction. And it is 16mm after correction. I don't see a problem.

We agree on the lens design intention.

What I don't clearly understand is why they went that route. If they made optically better real 16-50, that does not go wider before correction, and they have to use interpolation anyway to achieve 16mm FOV (as I wrote before, optically lens get to acceptable level of distortion at 20mm), it should end with a quite similar results anyway.

I don't follow what you mean about it not being wider then interpolating to 16mm. If it is not wider than 16mm, then you'll never make it wider in software (unless you make a pano out of it).

The real problem is for users who does not have in camera correction, because, they can only guess, what the composition will look like, after software correction in PP.

Questionable is also for RAW users, because in camera correction (what you can see on NEX 6 display i.e.) might not be the same as Adobe profile. I don't know that, but I doubt they are using same algorithms.
For the family snapshots it probably doesn't matter, but for more precise composing, it certainly makes things more difficult.

if you can see more in post, at least you're not losing anything. And I suppose the Sony software would be consistent.  I wouldn't use RAW unless I wanted to put a little effort into it tho.

My conclusion:

With all that being said, I think that SEL 16-50 is just "OK" kit lens for the NEX 6 and 5R, but definitely not great. Anyone with the older NEX and 18-55, should think twice, before replacing older kit lens.

I can't disagree with that. I don't think Sony viewed it as an upgrade or replacement. Just a newer and smaller kit lens to go with the NEX-6. Besides, the 18-55mm is still available, yes?

So the 18-55 is better than OK?  Is jp2 reading this?

One more thing...

Sony seems to think differently. Leaving older bodies without software support for the new kit lens, changing hot shoe without giving adapter for free, leaving us to guess how E lenses will perform if the new NEXES goes FF, (we can probably imagine how 16-50 or 16 f2.8 will :-(), are the reasons for my insecurity...

Well, I tend to view the hotshoe change as a recognition that Sony made a mistake with the proprietary standard, and now they've put that right. I think this is a positive move although they could certainly have bought a little good will by tossing an adapter in the NEX-6 box!

I agree it is a positive move, but they really could add the adapter for free with a few new models, until most of the recent flashes don't become obsolete.

If Sony don't take care of lens compatibility they're headed for big trouble. They're not going to sell too many $500, $850, $1100 and up lenses for very long if they're not compatible with new bodies. On the bright side, I'm guessing Sony already know this

Well, that doesn't look like they do. 16-50 is an clear example. Magenta casting on 10-18 makes some NEX 7 users, disappointed. SEL 50 f1.8 still didn't get firmware update for the use of PDAF (as far as I know). If they come with a FF NEX, well I am afraid that most if not all of the E mount lenses produced so far, will be sub-par on FF at best.

FF?  They should be designed for Aps-C. Besides, who needs FF?  

If they come with a FF and decide to rely on the software correction for the existing E-mount lenses, than the whole purpose of the FF will be quite questionable.

Aside from vignetting or cropping, what kind of software correction would you expect?

A - mount lenses are rather big, so while they can use them for FF NEX and create adapter with a correction glass for the E mount lenses, (which will seriously affect resulting IQ), they can easily come also with a third lens mount line.

And that will be a bit too much IMHO. But those are pure speculations of course.

IMHO, if someone wanted a FF Nex, they'd probably be happy with legacy primes for the most part.

Sony is trying hard to be innovative, and they do well in that respect, but they certainly doesn't care much, for what they already sold to customers. Money are at home, so let's move further...

people only part with their money if they like the product. Sony doesn't force it out of their hands.

Kind of short term planning.

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