Help my with star trails

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Re: Help me with my star trails

I've tried taking a long, bulb exposure of 3-5 hours, and I've gotten an awful lot of noise in my images.

So, I've turned off noise reduction in my camera, and take 25 second long exposures with a 30 second interval. I stop my 2.8 lens to 4 to avoid coma on the edges of my image, and then use either iso 400 or 800...I take a few pictures to make sure I like the composition and the stars are properly in focus.

sometimes I've use stacking software, but I've also just opened them as layers (30 at a time) in photoshop and then combined them using a lighten blending mode.

Aaaaand.....I've driven hours and hours to get to a dark area well away from the city. You can check out dark sky finder....

Hope this helps. It is a lot of fun...

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