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Re: Leica in Milano

I'd suggest to visit Foto Dotti in Modena (see below). I promise you won't regret it. I live in Milano, but that's where I bought most of my Leica's gear. Wide choise of brand new and used Leica products, good prices and, most importantly, a great deal of kindness and competence.

Foto Dotti

Viale Storchi 281 - 41121 Modena (Mo) Italia

Tel+39-059-821000 - Fax+39-059-822087

Email: info@fotodotti.it

If, on the contrary, you insist on Milano, try at Centro Foto Cine in Piazza Argentina, but  it's a different league: you'd have to place an order there and wait. They have no store stock. Besides, they apply  little or no discount on the price list.

Last but not least: stay away from Foto Ottica Cavour in Via Fatebenefratelli !!!

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