Excellent price (UK) for Canon 5d mk II.

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Re: Excellent price (UK) for Canon 5d mk II.

Those additional mega pixels do come in handy, especially when you want to crop or take landscapes.  Video is a welcome feature.  Even if its not for everyone, the fact that its there, means that its available to you when you need it.  You can also go to higher ISOs with no problem on the MKII.  ISO 6400 is usable and 12800 can be PP'd enough to make decent small prints or web pics.  The 5D MKIII and 6D is about 1/2 stop better then the MKII, if that, in the higher ISO department and a simple look at DPreviews image compare tool or at other reviewers comparison sites would tell you that this is true.  Finally, the MKII has MFA, this alone is the very reason why I would never pick up the 5Dc.  Its just not worth it when you have lenses that back-focus or front-focus on your particular camera.  It's not fun dealing with sending your camera and lens out to get worked up on and having to twiddle your thumbs till it gets back.  Not to mention the fact that you have to pay for insured shipping.  For $600, the 6D gives you a more light sensitive AF, Wifi, GPS, and about 1/2 stop better high ISO.  However, you lose the metallic body, CF card (not a big deal to most), 1/8000 shutter speed, sync port, and 1/200 sync speed.  $1500 more and the MKIII gives you dual card slots, a MUCH MUCH better AF system, and 1/2 stop better high ISO.  To say that the MKII is not a significant upgrade over the MKI would imply that the MKIII is also not that significant over the MKII.  Thy are all significant upgrades over their predecessors.

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