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Re: Maybe Sony are listening *too well* to their customers?

parallaxproblem wrote:

PaulPI wrote:

As the headline says there is few new applications onlin. Although just two are real apps.

Hope somebody will find this information interesting.

I will try to install them now. I am expecting the Timelaps function to be very limited, but I will see soon.

Lots and lots of people asking for Timelaps functionality... and eventually one appears at *double* the price of the other apps

Hum... what makes it so much more difficult to implement a timelaps function than to do any of the other things they are charging for? (well, except MFNR which already exists somewhere in their standard firmware as evidenced by the Apha cameras which have this functionality)

They obviously think they can 'milk' this one. I won't buy it on principle - dangerous precedent

I hardly think this is without precedence. Even way back with film Minolta 7xi I have to buy expansion cards to expand the functionality of the 7xi. Simple things like auto rewind the film but leave a tail sticking out option. The idea is you can tailor the camera to exactly how you operate. Whether you are willing to pay or how much you are willing to pay is entirely up to you. Welcome to capitalism.

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