NEX-6 + Canon Flash 380EX - will it work?

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Re: NEX-6 + Canon Flash 380EX - will it work?

PDine wrote:

A nex-6 (or a Nex-5n with a JJC MSA-10 adapter) will fire the flash at full power, but you will get no auto exposure communcation between the camera and flash.

Yes, and in fact i already knew that... cause i have a NEX-6. But for some reason the flash stopped working at a givin time. I tried it back on the Powershot S5 where it did work.
So i brougt my NEX-6 to the Sony Store where they tested my flash on another NEX-6. The flash did fire on this one but not on mine.

So they sended it for reparation... this was two weeks ago.

Today i got a phone call that my camera was back. So i rushed to the store... to find out they did not repair the camera.

This is what they wrote: (translated)

Tested for functionality
Camera works acoording to specifications
In the attachment a list of compatible flashes for the NEX6
Please use only the listed flashes

Compatible Flashes for NEX-6

So that's setteld then? It used to work but this was just being lucky or what?

I think if this flash doesn't work, a trigger won't also.
Pleas share your thoughts on this.

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