LX7 for $274 from Panasonic USA's site

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Re: Yeah, B&H has it for $299 now

PANASONIC.COM is a third party company that contracts with Panasonic USA to conduct the selling of their goods and their customer service is non-existant.   Horrible, Horrible.  I went through hell with them earlier this year over no delivery of an extended service contract.  More than 15 phone calls, many false promises, and finally either resolved  by a letter that I sent to Panasonic USA andthe promise of a court supoena to appear in a Mass. court.  They were quick to accept my payment on black friday 2011, but did not deliver the product until April 2012.  Panasonic.com is just like the thieves in Brooklyn, I'm actually surprised that PanasonicUSA still deals with them and that some consumer group hasn't shut them down.  As you experienced, calling their phone system is an experience that you really don't want to have.

Make sure that you document everything and save any correspndance  you have to do with this company.

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