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I've been generally pretty happy with the resistive touch screen. No big issues. I really only use it though for touch/tracking focus and for zooming in while reviewing pictures that said I really do love having it for both of those reasons. For accessing other menus and options the physical controls are still faster and more efficient I find.

After playing around with it a bit I generally agree with this assessment. It's really useful for touch shutter, for triggering manual focus assist, and for reviewing photos. Everywhere else it's just as well to use the physical controls. I don't perceive the resistive screen to hinder these functions really. I tried navigating the various menus via touch, I think capacative vs resistive is a non-issue because the menus simply aren't designed for touch, and aren't responsive enough for touch to be useful. The NEX simply does not have a modern, touch-friendly interface. (I'm not entirely sure it needs one, but I do think advertising a touch interface and delivering something that is inferior to a 5 year old iPhone or Android device is not a great play from a marketing perspective)

Okay, I just setup my account and downloaded some apps. If Sony is serious about touch-based apps they need to invest a lot more effort in building a responsive touch interface. Entering my email and password with the on-screen keyboard was going back in time 10 years.

It seems that resistive screens need a pointed object such as a stylus/finger nail and are very unresponsive with a blunt object such as a finger. So back to my original question, does the 5R's screen feel more responsive and accurate with a finger nail or stylus?

I just played with it a bit more. Yes, using a fingernail and especially a stylus will provide a 100% success rate in getting your touches registered. This is exactly what you'd expect with a resistive touch screen.

But I think we are talking past each other a bit when it comes to the word responsiveness. Responsiveness could mean two different things:

1. The screen's success at registering your touches.
2. The system's ability to provide a quick and meaningful response to registered touches.

The capacative vs resistive issue only impacts the first sense of responsiveness. In the second sense, there is nothing inherently unresponsive about resistive screen interfaces. The Nintendo DS game system, which has a resistive screen, is incredibly responsive - it has to be, the touch input is used for fast-paced games and actions.

So to me, the larger problem is that the NEX GUI simply isn't as quick and responsive as a modern smartphone. There is a short but perceptable delay between tapping an item, and the GUI displaying a response. It seems worse when using touch vs. using buttons, but after performing the same actions with touch and with buttons and paying close attention, I can confidently say that the speed is the same. I think there is a mental mode, where we are used to such slight delays when using electronic devices with physical buttons. Our iPhones and Androids have trained us to expect quick, natural interaction with onscreen objects, and the NEX interface simply doesn't provide this. When I said the bit about "going back in time 10 years" I was referring to the delay between tapping a letter and it that letter actually populating the entry field. Using the buttons did not improve this delay.

If the 5R had a capacative screen, it would be more likely to successfully register a touch. But it would still feel slow and relatively unresponsive when compared to similar actions on an iPhone. One day I hope reviewing images on a camera is as pleasant as it is on a smartphone. Putting a capacative touch screen into the camera is the easy part. Apple and Google have spent millions developing responsive, intuitive, pleasant touch interfaces.

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