So, I have a 6D and a D600 in hand right now...

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Re: 5 things the 6D stands out in

Hmm, the D600 was not only the best-selling dslrs for a while after launch, it was the best selling digital camera at Amazon after launch. The fact that the 5D3 is selling better than the 6D is telling, the perceived value of the 6D is very low for most FF buyers. At 1,600 body only it would be selling well.

While I agree with much of what you wrote, I question the Amazon sales figures. I read MANY MANY MANY posts in the Nikon forum about people placing orders with Amazon, B&H, Adorama, etc. planning to cancel the other orders after theirs came in. I have not seem much of that in the Canon forums. Many of the Nikon orders were phantom orders that would never be filled as witnessed by the fact that D800 was the top selling camera on Amazon BEFORE THEY WERE EVEN AVAILABLE TO SHIP! This may account in part (along with the quality control problems) for the large numbers of refurbished D800 and D600 cameras available. The 6D is only now becoming available with few tests and not much press yet.

To my mind the last few Nikon entries have over promised and under delivered while Canon has under promised and over delivered. What I mean by that is while the Nikons look fabulous on a spec sheet they have been plagued with a higher than normal quality problem with the bodies made outside of Japan. The Canons on the other hand have not quite measured up to the specs of the Nikons but their users seem much happier on average with their cameras with fewer reporting quality issues. I think we really need to wait and look back in a year to determine which was the more successful introduction.

By the way, I also believe both manufactures over estimated the market for full frame DSLRs and we will see a downward trend for prices. These are very expensive toys for most consumers. The readers here are a small portion of the DSLR users who in turn are a small part of the camera users who are a small part of the populace as a whole who mostly use their phone for pictures. As someone who worked in marketing for 18 years you don't normally cut price on something when you are selling everything you can get your hands on

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