My new P7700 vs my old G12 . . .

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Re: WOW, I guess I ended this thread since...

Replying to the OVF. I have yet to find one on a P/S that gives me the information I need while looking thru it. All it ends up being is a composing aid, and only in the instance that glare comes into play. I found when I tried the G15, that I still had to look away to the screen to make all my adjustments. The tilt screen on the P7700 has not given me any problems when it comes to bright, daylight shooting. I wish I had this option on my 50D now.

The only issue I have with this camera is that it has a bit of a problem in low light focusing. I have to make sure that my spot is on something very contrasty.

I've gone to a 32mb/s card, so my RAW lag time is now under a second, again, for $450, it is acceptable. If I need the split second timing, then the other camera comes out.

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