field of view m4/3 vs APS-C

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Re: field of view m4/3 vs APS-C

tamras29 wrote:

Sorry if this has been asked before, or it's the wrong place to do so, but a a landscape lover, will swapping from M4/3 to APS-C give me a wider field of view for any given "28mm equivalent lens".

I have a 14-45 (28-90) on my M4/3 - looking at Fuji XE1 with 18-55 (27/82.5) - OK 1mm more but does the wider aspect ratio of APS-C effectively give more field of view?

Many thanks

Using the Pythagoran theorem you can calculate that for any 3:2 sensor with a given diameter, a 4:3 sensor with the same diameter will have a width (and horizontal field of view) of 0.96 the 3:2's width / fov, and a height (and vertical fov) of 1.08 the 3:2 sensor's height / vert. fov.
So, a 28mm equivalen lens on a 3:2 sensor will have the same diagonal field of view as a 14mm lens on a m43 sensor, but for the horizontal fov to be the same, you'd have to use a lens of 14mm*0.96 = 13.46mm. That would mean the diagonal fov of the 4:3 lens would be the same as on a 27mm equivalent lens.

Similarly, if you wanted the vertical fov to be the same as a full frame's 28mm, you'd need a lens of 14mm*1.08 = 15.14mm, which has the same diagonal fov as a 30.3mm lens on a full frame sensor.

To answer your specific question, a 27mm equivalent lens on a 3:2 sensor would have the same horizontal FOV as a 25.9mm equivalent lens on a 4:3 sensor (so that'd be a 13mm lens on a m43 camera).

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