Modern TTL (Metz 50 AF-1) and an old manual (Sunpak 355AF) flash with e-PL5?

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Re: Modern TTL (Metz 50 AF-1) and an old manual (Sunpak 355AF) flash with e-PL5?

One aspect I didn't mention: I'd like to use the flashes underwater in a diy diving housing. Thus, optical wireless is the only viable option for control, using the accessory flash (no manual mode as far as I figured out so far).

Thanks for the other advice anyway!

Sailor Blue wrote:

The SYK-5 has a red-eye preflash prevention tuning switch so you can probably get it to ignore the TTL pre-flashes but I wouldn't bother.

The only time I can recommend using TTL with off-camera flash units is if the subject to flash distance is constantly changing. If that distance is fixed you want to use fixed manual power control of the flash units to insure that every exposure is exactly the same. Even if you don't get the exact correct exposure you can correct it for one image and batch process all the others the same way to correct them.

With TTL for off-camera flash units and a fixed subject to flash distance every time you move toward or away from the subject or zoom the lens you will be changing the ratio of subject to background that the camera sees and it will change the exposure. The result is a post processing nightmare fixing each and every single exposure.

My suggestion is that you place your camera in manual exposure mode, manual flash with a power of about 1/64th of full power indoors (higher power may be needed outdoors to overcome interference from sunlight), and the off-camera flash units in optical slave mode with manual power control. This wink of light from the camera's built-in flash will be all that is needed to set off the slave strobes without contributing any significant light to the subject. Of course you can use a higher power for the built-in flash if you need it for fill light, just avoid using it for a main light.

For the greatest reliability aim the light sensors at the camera and rotate the flash heads to light the subject or bounce off a wall or ceiling for soft light.

I also suggest you buy a copy of Syl Arena's excellent book on hot-shoe flash, "Speedliter's Handbook". Syl uses Canon equipment but 95% of what is in the book is applicable to any brand of camera or flash. Syl has a couple of free video tutorials on B&H TV but the book is a much better reference.

Syl Arena - Speedliter's Handbook: Learning to Craft Light with Canon Speedlites (9780321711052)

Syl Arena - B&H - Getting The Most Out Of Canon Speedlites

Syl Arena - B&H - Canon Speedliting with Multiple Flashes

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