Official: No More 4/3 Bodies (lenses)

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Mixed reaction

On the plus side:

It will be an advantage to have access to the mFT lenses when using the four thirds stuff.  Small fast primes and lenses that I don't have in FT ( like the fisheye).  I have carried two bodies just to have good AF with FT telephotos and the ability to use mFT lenses.

Not having to buy two bodies to keep up with technology. Perhaps, I prefer a larger body with lots of buttons when using large lenses, but that may not be an option.

They may be able to fix some AF problems.  My 150 F2 has never been reliable with PDAF, but accurate and slow with CDAF.  If they have a hybrid that has accurate focus that is only slightly slower, that would be a big advantage.  I hope the allow lens specific customization like the AF offset in the E-5.  On some lenses I would like a CDAF check. Some lenses don't need it.

Tracking AF could get better - combining the distance info from a PDAF sensor, and object ID from CDAF and ever faster processing should be better the PDAF alone.

My main concern is the do a minimal job of adding a few AF points to make FT lenses "work" but with AF performance that is worse then the current implementation in the E-5.

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