Question on the banning of assault rifles

Started Dec 19, 2012 | Discussions thread
Cy Cheze Senior Member • Posts: 2,028
The best remedy for too many guns

If the government offers a good price, many gun owners will respond.  If it offers a higher price, perhaps millions will respond.

Many people buy guns on impulse, and have no real need.  Others inherit them or obtain guns, without any interest in them.  Finally, there are plenty of people who know that hunting takes up a lot of time, requires lots of driving miles or gasoline, all for the sake of a shot or two at a buck or duck that miss.  Or (worst of all) the bullet may bring down a 700 lb elk that is a horrendous nuisance to "dress" in the wilds and then lug miles back to the road.

So a gun buy-back program might be tempting to many.

Prohibition of semi-automatic weapons, large magazines, and certain kinds of ammunition can't hurt.

To screen people for fitness to buy weapons will be controversial and / or too easy to circumvent.  But high taxes on gun sales, and vendor liability for "wrongful death or injury" will make the industry devise its own screening standards.  At the very least, screen and license buyers the way one does drivers.

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