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1) My comments here were directed ath the G5 where G5 was tested. GH2 and G5 are nearly identical. You are the one equating all 16 MPIxel sensored m43 cams, not me BTW. So what is it now?

2) The RAw pics you provided do not challenge the cam at all when it comes to DR. Only noise. Where do you base yourself on, which RAWs that show us that indeed IQ 9other than just noise) of all 16mpixels sensors are equal (mft ones)?

3) The very same test you constantly base yourself on simply uses vastly different lenses. In spite of that, at ISO 3200, te Md does better in sharpness in spite of an inferior lens and thanks to better noise performance.

4)  Why DxO hesitated is not know. We know what the outcome is. The Sony sensor is better in all ways by 1/2 to about 1 1/3 of a stop. After there has been a correction for different ISO interpretation of the cams.

5)  I own both Gh2 and EPL5 and shoot in RAW. I never bought the EPL5 for better IQ, but for (I expected) similar IQ in a smaller package. It was easy to see it had better colours, better noise, better DR etc. This is all base don RAW. What is your personal experience with a cam with the mFT Sony and the mFT Panasonic 16 MPixel sensors?

6) Dpreview, imaging resource, DxO and whole nunch of others are clear: the Sony mFT sensored cams noticably perform better than the 16 MPixel Panasonic cams.

And that is why I think the EPL5 has better IQ: my experience, the experience of reviewers, the objective measurements and the lack of any proof that shows me otherwise.

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