Official: No More 4/3 Bodies (lenses)

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Re: Well, it is a good news...

vadimraskin wrote:

whoodle wrote:

4/3 Lenses will certainly be usable, but this kind of is the death knell for the format, in that you will probby not see any new lenses manufactured (much less developed) in this moun

This is encouraging news (if true of course). I was considering getting a used E-5 to upgrade from E-30 and keep all the FT glass but seems that there might be a hope for a new camera out there. I guess my trusted E-30 will get another “lease on life” for a while, not that I complain, it is a great camera to begin with.

Yes it is. My own upgrade path ran into the conundrum of the desire for the 50-200. A stellar lens for concert/theater photography (the bulk of my work right now). Yet also not so great on m4/3 when it comes to AF. I've been told it's not that bad when it comes to AF, but my concern is also the issues I've read of the motor wearing out quickly due to the way CDAF works.

I had been considering a used E5 and the 50-200 to replace my E520 and compliment my 14-54Mk1 (which I know will perform terribly on the EM5). That's much cheaper option than the proposed EM5 kit, and there are certain reasons I want the E5 anyway. Now that decision becomes easier because the E5 is a definite IQ upgrade to my E520 (though not as much as the EM5 at high ISO), will  work great with my 14-54 and the 50-200, then I can invest in the new camera and m4/3 primes.

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