DP2M - DISASTER!! (to all possessors)

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Re: DP2M - DISASTER!! (to all possessors)

gregzz wrote:

adegroot wrote:

The headline is a bit over-dramatic imo

What kind of flash? Sigma flash? Anything red in the room that may have reflected onto the fabric? Any (poor quality) filters on the lens? In other words, anything else hat coudl have been the culprit?

whereever i put that shirt, same results

no filters, no reflections, speedlight 580ex2 through small softbox.

It looks similar to a IR hot spot. My guess is the fabric dyes or perhaps fabric brighteners in the laundry detergent are reflecting UV from the fabric causing it to fluoresce in that wavelength. This is a very common problem with strobes that aren't UV filtered. Do you know whether your strobe tubes have a UV coating on them? If they don't then you might try buying a UV gel filter to go over them to see if that makes any difference.

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