2012 Time Magazine's Person of the Year

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Congrats Obama! You are now in the company of Hitler, Nixon and Carter...

If there is a "Most Stupid Poster of the Year" award, no one deserves it better than you.

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Australia, home forever.

You could win "Most DH of the Year" award...


You are just jealous, no one is Australia won TPOTY...hhhahahha Anyway, Time magazine is a racist, they the color of the cover BLACK instead of red!

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"Everyone who has ever lived, has lived in Modern Times"

Obama too so they are even but why dark background?

Forget background... why the dark foreground ??

What's suddenly wrong with being a "light skinned black", and thus changing his "hue" ?

Liberal press..... so funny how they twist everything to appeal to particular groups.

What's wrong with being a "dark skinned black"? Or what's wrong with just being black?

I didn't change the color of his skin.... Time magazine did.

Ask them what the difference is, Einstein.

And they've never played with the background of other "Person of the Year?"

But Time, a pretty Conservative outlet, did this to make Obama look good?"

Goodness, gracious, how PC of you.

Have courage though, someone is sure to post that they did it deliberately to make Obama look bad.

Time Magazine and George Bush


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"Everyone who has ever lived, has lived in Modern Times"

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