Which rocket blower and cleaning solution?

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Simon Devlin
Simon Devlin OP Senior Member • Posts: 1,399
Re: (Can't resist this) it's simple, Simon!

Zone8 wrote:

Simon Devlin wrote: Can we see a photo of this sucker device you devised? It is a sucker not a vacuum (as in when you go into space).

Crikey it's not (blower) rocket stuff. Just make a simple (like wrapped layers of tape) around a biro-pen case (with ink and other innards bits removed) and wedge into end of the vacuum cleaner's hose, so becomes a thin tube and thus increased suction power. The only advanced technical bit is to have the actual cleaner preferably outside the door, so door opening only needs hose gap required, to avoid any dust blowing around from the cleaner itself. Works simply and wonderfully. Alternative to the pen casing would be some plastic tubing but that's a slightly bigger centre tube area - although in practice still works fine. The bunged sucker can be removed between uses - or perhaps employed after showering to get excess water from earholes?

Thanks Zone8 but I was only having a bit of a laugh.

On a serious note my Nilfisk could suck the Iron core from the centre of the Earth so I'll look for a lower powered 'sucker'.

If you have used the method for years and it works well I'll give it a go or a 'shake and vac'


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