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Re: monitor for srgb image editing

Suntan wrote:

Sailor Blue wrote:

Manually setting the monitor brightness, contrast, and individual R, G, & B values using the monitor's controls with guidance from the color calibration software will give you the best final result.

This is a good sentence to reflect upon. Most people are always impressed when they get done with the automated color profiling part because they see such a big night and day difference between the picture quality with the profile on and the profile off. When in fact this is not what you want. Ideally you would like to see very little difference between having the profile active and not having the profile.

The profile is basically moving and truncating color values in software to make up for the fact that the monitor is not showing proper values to begin with. The more changes the profile makes, the more likely you are to be missing out on colors or suffering some color banding.

So don't be in a hurry to just run the profiling step. Take time to learn how to calibrate your monitor with a hardware puck. The profiling step should just be icing on the cake.


Pro monitors from Eizo and NEC handle all this automatically. The monitor talks to the puck and makes the adjustments internally. They also allow you to switch between different color spaces and brightness levels with a push of a button without requiring additional calibration or profiling. Handy if you like to work in a wide-gamut color space like aRGB or ProPhoto RGB and need to preview what images will look like in sRGB (i.e. online).

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