Here one day, gone the next

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Re: I'm a laugh riot

Schwany wrote:

Jim N'AZ wrote:

Schwany wrote:

I'd like to nominate Attila the Hun as forum moderator. Assuming he can be dug up and refurbished.

I believe Attila could bring back those friendly cozy glory days in the various version of the Konica Minolta forums that people miss. Arrrgh!!

Schwany, you crack me up! LOL!

Regards, Jim

Yes, I'm hilarious

There does seem to be an opening for a moderator, at least right at this moment anyway. Might just be the name change is causing a glitch in the matrix.

Really? You mean there has been a change in the ranks? Did we already lose a mod? My, my, that didn't take long, now did it? Wonder who that could be? Oh well, mine is not to reason why.

I still like (and use) my little "crown jewel" Ax cameras. Granted, I don't use them much after the sun sets, but anytime the light levels exceed an BV of 6 or so, I'm in.

Regards, Jim

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