2013 ricoh model lineup preview

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Re: 2013 ricoh model lineup preview

I've just google-translated the interview. It's not worth posting it without a human translation. I asked a friend to translate the bullet point at the top to confirm my suspicions.

Remember this event from one year ago? Camera magazine interview with Ricoh. Camera magazine speculation about B&W sensors and wotnot. Nothing happened.

This new interview is with Mr Kitazawa. Mr. Kitazawa is dodging questions. The camera magazine has to make a story but not say anything untrue.


The bullet point precis of the article says that there will be a GRD branded camera. It may or may not be GRD or GXR. And also Ricoh core fans may like it. (I confirmed this.)

Mr. Kitazawa does seem to say that whatever it is, development has started already.

The rest of the interview seems to be waffle about mirrorlessness, lenses, other the companies in the field and the interviewer trying to get Mr. Kitazawa to say the phrase full-frame. Nothing worth losing sleep over or starting a gossip war. Ricoh are working on it.

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