Which to buy? Nikon D7000 or Fujifilm XE1

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Re: Which to buy? Nikon D7000 or Fujifilm XE1

Aussiemarco wrote:

(The last few years I've noticed that after a long day of lugging the D80 around, my back is quite sore.)

What kit are you lugging around ?  The XE1 is around 12 ounces, the D7000 is 27 ounces, so that's a significant percentage, but is 15 ounces really a back breaker ?  I wonder how often people complain about DSLR kits because of the lenses and how often ILC systems are so much lighter because they are not only inherently lighter, but also offer fewer lens options.  I suspect that many people who switch from DSLRs to ILCs also switch to fewer/slower lenses and/or primes instead of zooms.

How does the D7000 compare to the XE1? Are they similar in IQ and low light, high ISO ability?

Yes & no.  The Fuji sensor is excellent; detailed and great at high ISO settings.  What's unique about it makes it brilliant for some, and less than ideal for others: it has probably the best jpegs of any APS-C camera, but raw conversion software doesn't handle its raw files so well.

I find the XE1 very appealing, particularly for the kind of work you're describing ... stuff that doesn't require fast AF (if it requires AF at all).  I love the old school controls that eliminate the need for a PASM dial.  The lens selection is very limited, but the lenses (so far) have been optically excellent and are very well built, reminiscent of quality lenses from 20 years ago.  I'd be happy with a kit consisting of the 18-55 and upcoiming 55-200 plus a pair of primes.  My problem is that while that kit would do *some* of my photography very well, I bought the D7000 to handle other things I shoot (events and sports) that benefit from its fast AF, lens selection, and external controls.

Obviously the best option is the buy both, but my budget only just stretches to one of them, not both. And I'll be keeping this purchase for a long time.

Think seriously about what lenses you'd like to carry and shoot.

Good luck with your decision.

- Dennis

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